About us

A strong team, as close as flax cord

A strong team of employees including both more experienced and young dynamic people that stand for professional knowledge as well as creativity and innovation.


Castellins DNA


Strong family character

Castellins was founded in the beginning of the twentieth century by the Family Van de Casteele. All through the generations that succeeded each other at the head of the business, the company has always retained its family character.


125 years of experience

In more than a century, a long way has been travelled, literally and figuratively: from a small player 'under the church tower' in Heule to an international company with its own branch office in Shanghai.



We aim for a future-proof approach in which we produce no waste when processing flax fibres. Driven by innovation, our focus is on ecological responsibility and we invest significantly in processing the by-products of flax fibre for various applications.



With our investments in green energy, such as solar panels on our roofs, we aim for a CO2-neutral future through energy reduction. Thanks to this green approach, as much as 70% of our energy consumption comes from renewable sources.

"Choose Castellins for a sustainable partner who's building towards a green future."


Working for Castellins

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