Guardians of natural wealth


Castellins, your partner in the international flax market

For four generations long, Castellins is a family-run export company that has specialised in processing and trading sustainable EU certified flax fibres for textiles and various other applications.

Guardians of natural wealth

We speak flax

Flax fibres are carefully selected from our historical network of suppliers in Belgium, France and the Netherlands where flax thrives best thanks to the specific climate and ideal structure of the soil.

Our production is 100% Belgian with a consistent focus on quality and reliability.

Thanks to our ample storage facilities, our customers all over the world trust us for guaranteed continuity of supply.

Strengths of Castellins


Experience and trustworthiness

As a family company, we have managed to build a historic reputation in the sector, backed by 125 years of experience. We can fall back on a dynamic team of senior and junior team members who are at your service every day with their drive and reliability.



Thorough quality control is embedded in each phase of our production process. No product leaves our premises without fulfilling our strict quality norms. Our laboratory guarantees this by daily testing of our finished products with the help of advanced instruments.


Persistance and customer service

Our strength on the international level is reflected in our extensive customer database: our sales markets extend to almost more than 30 countries. In terms of service and accessibility, we can rely on an international network of employees and agents who take care of the daily follow-up of our customers all over the world.


sustainable longterm relationships

We are not interested in a quick earning and rather set our sights on satisfying long-term cooperations that benefit everyone. That way, you as customer, know what you can expect from us and can always count on our full commitment.


International partner

Through various generational changes at the helm of the company, the family character has always been preserved. In over 125 years, a long way has been travelled, literally and figuratively: from small player 'under the church tower' in Heule to international company with its own branch office in Shanghai.

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