European Flax

Flax: the resource

Flax is a noble resource directed to the future with many desired characteristics that cannot be found in other materials.

Characteristics and qualities

Humanity has been accustomed to the qualities of this completely natural resource for more than 10,000 years. Initially, the flax fibres were mainly used to fulfil basic needs like making protective clothing. Later it became a trendy and fashionable product. Flax is after all the basis of linen, which feels soft and comfortable, can be dyed perfectly and is very durable.


Nothing of the flax plant is lost, because apart from the fibres, the seeds are also used. And not only in clothing or household linen, also in particularly innovative, highly technological applications. Did you know, for example, that flax has even found its way into the operating theatre, to bank notes, floor coverings and cosmetics, even into ultra-light composite materials? All of these prove conclusively that flax is more then ever a product of our time!


Between growing flax in the field and applying it in several end products, flax undergoes a whole range of processes.

After this complicated process, the yarn is ready to be bleached, coloured and woven. Until today no other fibre can offer such a unique combination of creativity, luxury and comfort, of pure class and practical durability than linen.